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Application and Program Information

Michigan State University has an online application system through the Office of Admissions.

Applicants for the following programs must complete a different application:

If you are unable to access the online application, please contact The Graduate School via email to check on the availability of a paper application.

Information for BioMolecular Science programs

The BioMolecular Science Gateway offers admission to 6 graduate programs: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Physiology. Students have access to training in over 150 research laboratories in the fields of biochemistry, cancer, cell biology, genomics, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, toxicology, physiology, plant molecular biology, structural biology, and virology.
Applicants for BioMolecular Science programs, go to the Gateway.

Information for all veterans

The Student Veterans Information site is now live. Please visit this excellent website with student veterans information.

Information for Online program applicants

The U.S. Department of Education requires an institution offering distance education programs to acquire authorization from the states in which it operates (specific regulations vary from state to state). Michigan State University is not seeking authorization in Arkansas or Maryland. Students whose resident address is in Arkansas or Maryland at the time of application for admission to Michigan State University are not eligible to apply to MSU online programs.

Information for all applicants

Graduate Study at MSU

GradHacker interviews Dean Klomparens about graduate applications

Department and Program Directory has contact information for each of the graduate degree programs. To obtain specific program information, please contact the appropriate department.

Many majors have specific admissions requirements (e.g., deadlines for submitting application materials, minimum grade-point averages, and special application packets). For additional information, contact the appropriate college, department, or school (see the Department and Program Directory).

Data on each of MSU's 99 Ph.D. programs

Michigan State University reserves the right to make changes in its programs, policies, rules, regulations, procedures, fees, tuition, housing rates, organizational structure, and faculty and staff through the appropriate university processes. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as is possible in the event of such changes.

MSU must reserve the right to modify or eliminate programs that are described in these pages. In the event such an action is taken, students affected will be advised by their units of the options available to them to complete their degrees. Every reasonable effort will be made to permit students to complete their programs.

If not submitted electronically, letters of recommendation must be signed and sealed in envelopes and sent to the department/program to which the applicant is applying.

New Fall 2013! You may submit up to two (2) applications to different graduate majors in the SAME semester. Each must be accompanied by a full set of documents as required by MSU and the individual graduate programs. Each application requires payment of the application fee.

Click here for more info for prospective students

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